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Consistent Inventory

We source our inventory of wholesale cell phones directly from carriers and manufacturers to ensure consistent supply

Accurate Grading

All devices undergo a stringent testing and grading process, ensuring consistent quality

Fast Turnaround

Use our self-service platform to find the wholesale cell phones you want, and we will ship them out in as little as 24 hours

Easy Returns

We offer a 30 day return policy to ensure you are getting the quality product you expected

Our Grades

As one of the most reputable suppliers of wholesale cell phones in the industry, we understand the importance or consistent, accurate, and transparent grading. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to buy phones in bulk with confidence!

Grade A

While clearly a used device the phone will be in excellent cosmetic condition. The front and rear housing will show little or no sign of wear, with only very minor scratches or marks and no cracks present.One would look at such a phone and think “its owner really loved of this thing” or “this phone is almost new”.

Grade C+

This grade is for a mobile that while clearly very well used is in good condition, but will have some spots that are just a bit “too” worn for a B Grade. This may mean the front or rear housing will have clear signs of usage and will have scratches or scuffs. Edges may have some finish worn off. The phone may have a more worn back but the screen is very clear. C+ phones are often considered the best balance between value and condition.

Grade B

Indicates the phone will be in good overall condition. The front and rear housing will show signs of wear and may have some scratches present from general day to day use. One would look at such a phone an think “its owner took good care of this – or didn’t use it much”. The screen will be clear or mostly clear.

Grade B+

This grade is for mobiles that are in Very Good condition but not quite an A. Often it’s just one small scratch too many, or in the wrong spot. Otherwise it’s very clean. One would look at such a phone and say “gosh it’s almost an A grade, if not for that small mark”.

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